CBD and the booming interest in vaping

CBD and the booming interest in vaping

One of the most visible changes to society in recent years is the reduction in cigarette smokers and the surge of vapers – the vape industry has exploded from a niche interest to a genuine smoking alternative, with studies backing up the claims that it’s much safer.

As a method of medication, vaping has also sparked interest, especially in the cannabis industry. Historically, smoking cannabis is the first thing that pops into the minds of most people when thinking about the herb. While recreational users are strongly associated with smoking weed, this has been the preferred mode of consumption for many medicinal users, who enjoy the lightning-fast onset of effects.

However, there are significant drawbacks to smoking cannabis, which has helped fuel the rise of vaping. These include health risks (while smoking cannabis appears to be safer than smoking tobacco, it still produces carcinogens which are harmful to the lungs), inefficiency and a lack of discretion. In contrast, vaporizing cannabis oil does not expose the lungs to carcinogens, no cannabinoids are lost due to plant matter burning, and the smell is nowhere near as pungent.

Also popular among medicinal cannabis users are CBD products – these are focussed around the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), and are non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive. These features, in addition to the low toxicity of CBD, makes it a largely safe and well-tolerated treatment for an array of illnesses. CBD helps with serious physical conditions such as neuropathic pain and inflammation, while also offering relief from stifling mental disorders, including anxiety, depression and psychosis. The dose required varies from ailment to ailment, but users with extreme symptoms are reported to handle 1000mg of CBD and more per day without adverse effects.

Want to get into vaping CBD, but don’t have any experience? While there are some set-up costs, it’s not necessary to break the bank. Here are a few tips to get started.

Why do people vape CBD?

As already touched upon, vaping CBD and other cannabis oils is considered far safer than getting these cannabinoids via smoking. But there are several practical reasons for vaping over other methods of consumption.

For instance, vaporizing cannabinoids allows them to bypass the “first-pass metabolism”, which is not avoidable when taking edibles. This significantly slows down the speed of relief, while also reducing the efficiency of CBD by affecting its bioavailability. Hence, for sudden inflammatory flare-ups or unexpected panic attacks, vaporizing is much more effective. But for extended effects, which are desirable if using CBD as a sleep agent, CBD gummy bears come into their own.

Vaping offers a happy medium, as it works as quickly as smoking, but does not expose the lungs to any undue stress or long-term damage.

Picking a vaporizer

Initially, selecting a vaporizer may seem a complex task, as there are many different models available, an array of modifications that can be made, and a range of e-juices to choose from.

Some vaporizers are only compatible with dry herb (ground-up cannabis), others work only with waxes and other concentrates, while other devices are suitable only with e-liquids. High-end vaporizers may work with multiple types of product.

For vaping CBD vape oil and e-liquid, ensure that the vaporizer has a sizeable tank, or it will constantly need refilling. Furthermore, check that the e-liquid will work with the vaporizer, as those made with vegetable glycerin as the carrier oil are sometimes too thick to be effectively vaporized.

If looking to avoid the hassle and potential mess that comes with refillables, then CBD cartridges or disposable vape pens might be the way to go. These are typically portable, and ideal if symptoms arise during the day when at work or elsewhere.

Another advantage with certain vaporizers that work with cartridges is the additional control over dosage. With a refillable, the amount of CBD inhaled with each draw is dependent on the size of the draw. In contrast, cartridges are designed to release the same dose of CBD every time.

Modifications are not needed when starting out, but after becoming familiar with vaping and vaporizers, some enjoy making adjustments to improve their medicating experience.

Vaping CBD is quick and easy

Hemp-based CBD vape juice is not restricted in the way that many cannabis products are, thanks to being non-psychoactive. Furthermore, no prescriptions are recommendations are required to get started either. In locations where cannabis has not been legalized, these hemp-based products fill a big void for patients whose conditions are treatable with CBD and other non-psychoactive components of cannabis.

Part of the reason that smoking became popular is because it’s a pleasurable experience, and the same can be said for vaping – many enjoy the peace, quiet and relaxation that comes with it. Flavorings are also available to enhance the taste.

For those cautious about using a cannabis derivative in the first place, the uncertainty over dosage that comes with smoking herb can be off-putting. Therefore, the consistency of vaping can be very appealing. When purchasing an e-liquid, the label will spell out all the contents and cannabinoid concentrations. What isn’t immediately can typically be found in a third-party-conducted lab report.

The familiar cannabis smell may still be present when vaping CBD, dependent on the product being used. A full-spectrum e-juice will likely contain terpenes, and these are the compounds responsible for the aroma.


Non-psychoactive cannabis medicine has soared in popularity in the first part of the 21st century, and it’s something that wouldn’t have been possible without the detailed study of CBD. Society is finally getting to grips with the properties of cannabis, a plant that has thousands of years of recorded use. However, the psychoactive effects of THC put many governments and scientists off researching cannabis for decades, to the detriment of clinical research.

While the medicinal qualities of cannabis extend beyond CBD, this non-psychotropic compound is more than good enough for many conditions and is a good entry point to medical marijuana for all who believe they could benefit from taking it.


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