Are CBD Oil Products Legal?

Federally, hemp and hemp products are protected under the 2014 Farm Bill. All of our products use CBD derived from hemp, not marijuana, and contain little to no THC (between 0.3% and 0). CBD from hemp is legal to sell and consume within the US and many other countries.

Are There Impairments From Ingesting Hemp Products?

CBD is harvested from hemp plants, however there are no effects that will impair you when using hemp based products. As long as hemp based CBD is consumed you shouldn’t experience any unwanted side effects. Hemp contains little to no THC, and is approved by the FDA.

How Is CBD Oil Made?

The process for obtaining CBD Oil is through CO2 extraction. Hemp is used because it contains little to no THC and is approved by the FDA. This extraction method is the most preferred due to its ability to properly extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids from the hemp. A proper extraction can yield cannabinoids, terpenes, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins as well.

Can CBD Oil Cure Any Medical Condition?

Our hemp based CBD Oil products are sold as a dietary supplement, as a result we are unable to make any claims about its medicinal capabilities. There is a tremendous amount of information available across the internet pertaining to hemp plant extracts and there capabilities from other individuals that have utilized it, and there are many. We would direct you to do your own research on the hemp plant, and the various products made from it.

Is There A Difference Between Synthetic And Natural CBD Oil?

Absolutely! We only sell natural, hemp extracted CBD Oil. We do not stock, promote or sell synthetic products.