CBD Capsule

A CBD Capsule is a container that is swallowed and delivers a specific CBD dosage. Depending on its coating a capsule can have varying release times. Release times vary depending on how thick the capsule is. The capsule is thick walled or thin walled which effects your digestion speed. Digestion occurs in the lower gut or the upper gut. As the capsule progresses through the digestive system it erodes the capsule wall, and eventually penetrates the core releasing the cannabinoids.

CBD Capsule come in hard shelled capsules or soft shelled capsules. Hard shelled capsules are typically made utilizing gelatin. The ingredients in hard shelled capsules are powder or pellets. Hard shelled capsules are manufactured using an extrusion process. Soft shelled capsules are primarily used for oils or have an ingredient that is suspended in an oil. Both types consist of two parts to complete the capsule, the body and the cap.

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