CBD Capsule

A CBD Capsule is a container that is swallowed and delivers a specific CBD dosage. Depending on its coating a capsule can have varying release times. Digestion occurs in the lower gut or the upper gut. As the capsule progresses through the digestive system it erodes the capsule wall.  penetrates the core releasing the cannabinoids.

A convenient way to use cannabidiol,  CBD capsules are often best for individuals who have already taken CBD and decided on their ideal dose.

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Hemplucid Soft-gel CBD 15mg 30ct


Plus CBD Gold Softgel Capsules 15mg 60ct

$99.95 $94.95

im·bue™ capsules 25mg 30ct


Medterra CBD Sleep Tablets


im·bue™ capsules 5mg 30ct


Medterra CBD Gel Caps 50mg


im·bue™ capsules 10mg 30ct


Neuro XPF CBD Soft-Gel Caps 25mg


Medterra CBD Gel Caps 25mg


Hemplucid Soft-gel CBD 25mg 30ct


Neuro XPF CBD Soft-Gel Caps 50mg