CBD Edible

A CBD Edible is food that contains CBD oils derived from hemp plants. A CBD Edible contains cannabinoids, terpenes, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins. There are many choices when researching which edible to purchase, and the dosage strength differs from product to product. Edibles come in many forms, generally they are hard or soft. An example of a hard edible would be a lollipop, and an example of a soft edible would be trail mix.

The type of cannabinoids you receive from edibles is consistent. Our advice is that you find an edible that is easy to consume and test the dosage amounts. Many of the products that are able to purchase have more than one dosage option available and starting lower on the dosage is a good way of identifying what level of CBD you need. Each edible has a different flavor and texture so experiment and see what your favorite is!

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