CBD Salve

CBD Salve or CBD balm is a great product for treating your skin. A CBD Salve is great for your hair and muscles providing a fantastic alternative treatment. What are salves? A hemp oil infused product for targeted skin treatment. It can target pain, inflammation, or the sore feeling that many people experience. It works with hair also! The product is non psychoactive and non addictive, hence no unwanted side effects. The product comes in round tins or plastic containers.

Our product is cannabinoid and terpene rich due to the manufacturing method. Topical manufacturers can mix additives in essentials oils to compound the relief effects. Additives commonly included are coconut oil, olive oil, wintergreen, white fir, clove, and even cayenne. As a result there are many variants to chose from. This is an excellent product for people not wanting an oral product, it is especially relevant for people want a mobile non conspicuous way to treat their condition.

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VitaCBD CBD Salve