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Product Description

The G1 Vaporizer Kit is perfect for beginners as the G1 pen is easy to put together and the kit comes with everything you need to get started right away. There are four main components to the pen, allowing you to assemble it in a minute. Despite its elegant design, the G1 vape pen is capable of generating a crisp, full-bodied vapor.

How to Use G1 Vaporizer Kit

Hold the glass tank downward and unscrew the threaded base. Fill the tank with vape liquid (avoid overfilling the tank) and then screw the threaded base back in place. Allow the tank to rest upward for a few minutes before use so the coil becomes saturated with the CBD vape oil.

Press the activation button 5 times in rapid succession to turn it on (a light flashes when it’s on) and 5 times again to turn it off. To draw in vapor, hold the battery button. This will fire up the atomizer. Inhale slowly for 3 to 5 seconds and hold the vapor in your mouth. Release the button and draw the vapor into your lungs to feel the full effect. Exhale and repeat as desired to enjoy a tasty, classy, and healthy vaping experience with the G1 Vaporizer Kit.

The G1 Vaporizer pen is specifically designed to atomize e-liquids, oils, and concentrates. We cannot guarantee its efficiency in atomizing dry botanicals.


1 case (case color varies), 1 mouthpiece, 1 glass tank, 1 coil, 1 threaded base, 1 USB charger

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