Woman creates ice cream that contains hemp-derived CBD

Woman creates ice cream that contains hemp-derived CBD

CBD is being used more and more in the medical world to help dementia patients and people with seizures.

It can even calm your pet down during a storm.

Now, a Florida woman is using CBD oil in a different way.

Susan Scherer is an oncology nurse. Tragedy struck her family last year.

“My husband passed away unexpectedly on the 27th of September,” she said.

Scherer met Matt Eastman, the owner of Lickity Splits Ice Cream, at a networking event.

“His wife was a pediatric oncology nurse at one point and we started talking about cancer patients, and I said, ‘can you make me an ice cream that’s high in protein, high in fat for my cancer patients?’”

She then asked what Eastman thought about cannabis, and that’s how Heavenly Hash Creamery was born.

“I thought, heaven, my husband. Heavenly Hash Creamery,” said Scherer.

The ice cream comes with a 20, 40 or 60 milligram serving of hemp-derived CBD.

There’s no detected level of THC, which gets you high.

Scherer says explaining that isn’t always easy.

“It’s interesting because no one will ask the pharmaceutical industry to give them an ingredient list of everything that’s in those drugs, yet people tear apart CBD because they don’t know any better,” she said.

Despite that obstacle, Heavenly Hash Ice Cream is available in 30 retail locations in seven flavors.

Scherer says the high protein and high fat helps patients keep their weight on to get through tough treatments.

It does have sugar, but Scherer says the CBD lowers blood sugar levels.

“It’s an anti-inflammatory, it rebuilds the mitochondria in cells, so it actually helps with cell growth, it’s an antioxidant,” Scherer said.

“My husband was in a lot of pain before he passed away and had issues that he dealt with, so to think that his passing actually led to something that can help so many people is actually really rewarding.”

Scherer says the CBD can also help with menstrual cramps and other aches and pains.


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